2023 horoscope

 ATTENTION TO ANXIETY AND TENSIONS! We will enter the week when the Moon is in Scorpio. When the Moon is in Scorpio, dealing with crises comes to the fore, money, balance of receivables, balance of payments, credit, tax, interest, borrowing will be important in our lives. This week, we can have conversations about paying our debts, bills, or controlling our money with the person we love, or where to invest in the coming period. The Moon is in Scorpio, Turkey's Sun is Scorpio, so important issues and events that will concern us will be active this week as well. The most important event of this week is Mercury is correcting As of January 18, we start to breathe a little more easily, leave our insecurities behind, and deal with rapid developments in business, finance and economy or issues that need to be addressed. Mars was also corrected last week. With the correction of Mars, our energy started to come back. This week Mercury has a 150-degree aspect to Mars, which is a bit of a stre